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fixed-price packages

The fixed-price packages are:

Review – for when you have a simple contract that needs a proper legal health-check (with proper commercial pragmatism)

Supported – for organisations who mainly want access to candid’s unique set of dead simple, plain English contracts and supporting guidance (although there’s more on offer than just that)

Supported-Plus – for organisations who also want to ask any number of quick questions – whether commercial or legal – without worrying about each question adding to the cost

Protected – for organisations who want all the benefits of the Supported-Plus package, as well as a flexible bank of additional time for more in-depth support and urgent cover

Embedded – for organisations who want regular support (of at least a day a month) for three or more months

Please see below for a comparison of these packages.

If the packages don’t work for you, or you ever need extra help on top of the packages, the Freestyle option is there for you.

fixed-price packages compared

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