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supply chain

No organisaton sits in a vacuum.  Virtually all organisations buy in at least some goods and services to enable them to do what they do.

Not so many organisations take a structured commercial approach to their purchasing activities and relationships - even though those activities and relationships can be a major source of (or drain on) commercial value.

By combining a true understanding of what makes supplier relationships tick at a commercial level, with proper, qualified knowledge of the legal framework surrounding those relationships, candid can help organisations to get better deals from (and working relationships with) their suppliers - which in turn helps organisations to do what they want - faster, better and cheaper.


It's very easy to keep using the same suppliers regardless of how good they are (or aren't), or to keep adding to your list of suppliers each time you need something new until that list becomes unmanageable.


We can work with you to streamline your supply chain, identifying who really helps you and who holds you back, and what to do to get under-performing suppliers back on track.


If you don't ask for the right things in the right way, you won't get the right things.  We can help you identify what obligations (and risks) you need to place with your suppliers - whether flowed down from your customer contracts or otherwise - and then ensure that your contracts and processes make those obligations and risks stick.

From a commercial perspective, candid looks for optimal, not maximal, risk transfer - this means we help to identify whether you or your supplier is best-placed to manage a particular obligation or risk, so that you don't end up paying more than necessary.

We then apply true legal expertise to make sure that your contracts are clear about exactly what you need - to keep nasty surprises to a minimum - and negotiate those contracts on your behalf if necessary (drawing on wider experience of what different markets see as standard).

Then, to make sure all that good work counts for something, candid can ensure that your purchasing processes are designed and applied in a way that means your contract terms aren't overridden or ignored, so your requirements are met.


Drawing heavily on candid's proven model for successful collaborations, we can help your organisation to build better relationships with your key suppliers - moving away from an unsophisticated "master-servant" way of working, towards a more mutually beneficial approach.

By applying our knowledge of what suppliers want and need, we can broker a relationship which gets you more of what you want and need - whether that's better prices, more product support, faster delivery, greater reliability, or any other benefit which will help you rise above your competition or deliver more effectively.

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