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All sorts of things make up an organisation's commercial success and making improvements in any of them can have a huge impact. 


Sometimes you know what needs fixing but you can't seem to get started or make the necessary changes stick.  Other times, you know something's broken but you're not clear on how to fix it.  Or maybe everything's fine, but "fine" doesn't cut it and you know it could always be better.

Whatever your situation, candid can help you to diagnose and implement improvements (to your processes, information assets, internal structure, or whatever else) which drive bigger profits, more protection and faster progress.


Using proven, simple tools, candid diagnoses what's going on now, what the impact of that is, where you ought to be, and the main things getting in the way.

This can be applied generally - for example, where you're seeing outcomes you don't want (like losing bids you should be winning, making much less profit than you should, or falling into too many disputes); or, it can be applied in a more focused way, such as when you know something isn't as good as it should be in a particular area of your organisation - and either you don't know why, or you think you know why but you want to sanity-check that.

It may also be part of a wider strategic review.

Whatever the context, this structured diagnosis gives you the perfect platform for identifying and implementing the cure.


Even once you know what needs fixing, actually implementing that fix is often the hard part.  Having external support with this can be invaluable - it:


  • Offers reassurance that the actions you're taking are sensible.

  • Makes you less reliant on freeing up your people's time to work on the improvement project.

  • Insulates you from some of the less popular stuff that is often a necessary side-effect of implementing change.

candid can help with any or every aspect of implementing improvements - identifying the necessary actions (and the order they should be done in) and checking them for unintended consequences, training and mentoring your people so that they can deliver the change, or even running the whole improvement project as an embedded part of your organisation.

We work with you to define where you can already help yourselves, and where we can add value - and then we get on and do it.  With our support, there are no more excuses for putting off those improvements you keep meaning to get round to.

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