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This is the package for organisations who want all the benefits of the Supported-Plus package, but also know they have a regular need for the sort of support candid offers.

The Embedded package entails candid providing at least one day a month of dedicated support, for at least 3 months, on top of the benefits of the Supported-Plus package.

In order to maintain a high level of service and flexible support for all Embedded clients, only a limited number of clients can be accepted for this package at any given time.

The price for this package will always be fixed in advance, but depends on a few factors like the number of regular days of support needed and whether or not that support can be provided remotely.  As a starting point, the price for a package entailing 1 day a month of dedicated support, provided remotely, would be £950 plus VAT per month (which also covers the Supported-Plus package benefits).

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