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This package is suitable for simple commercial contracts.  A “simple” contract will typically:

  • Be less than 15 pages long

  • Have only two parties

  • Be stand-alone – i.e. not linked to or dependent on any other contracts

  • Be business-to-business (not business-to-consumer)

This is aimed at core commercial contracts, so certain specialist types of contract are outside the scope of this package – for example, employment contracts, contracts for buying or merging with another company, property contracts (like leases and land purchase agreements), and various fancy financial agreements (like currency rate swaps and collateralised loans).  (If you need help with something like this then we – or one of our associates – can still give that – just not under this package.)

The process is streamlined and simple – you fill in a very short, easy questionnaire to help us understand your risk appetite, the commercial context of the contract you’re asking us to look at, and your timescales.  We then get on with the review and give you a concise, plain English report identifying any particular points of concern (and what to do about them), tailored to your risk appetite.  You won’t be bombarded with an unwanted clause-by-clause commentary or a load of risk-averse backside-covering – just the stuff that matters to you.

All for a fixed price of £290 plus VAT.

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