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Negotiations don’t have to be confrontations.  Adding some commercial clout to your discussions can help get you closer to what you want, faster than you thought.  It can also help to stop things becoming a resource-draining, messy bunfight.


Using candid in your commercial negotiations can help to ensure that everything is covered properly first time round and deliver the outcome you want (not just one you can live with).

Whether you use us to plan and lead your negotiations or just play a supporting role, and whether you use us to turn the resulting deal into a contract or get that done yourselves (or by someone else), we’re happy to help – we’re valuable but not precious.


Proper litigation is a specialism in its own right, and it’s worth using specialists.  Let’s be clear – if you’re in a dispute which has reached or is heading towards formal litigation (going to court, or an arbitration, for example), you should instruct a practising solicitor (or barrister).  This will ensure the advice you receive can be kept secret from the other side.  We know some good people who can help, if needed.

Where candid commercial can add value is by advising on strategy in the early stages of any potential or actual dispute to help drive the right commercial outcome, and helping with the selection and management of good lawyers, ensuring proper cost control and no crossed wires.

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