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Contracts come in many flavours – sale, purchase, teaming, confidentiality, distribution, intellectual property (IP) licensing and so on. But they all have one thing in common – they’re all tools.  And tools should help you do what you want to do, not hold you back.

standard forms

Here’s a dirty little secret: a lot of the time, law firms simply dust off old contracts they already had, change the dates, names and a few other details, and charge clients as if they’d created something new from scratch.  And if something goes wrong, you’ll need to pay the lawyers again to help you translate all the legalese.

At candid we do things differently.  We have developed a set of flexible standard form contracts which cover 90+% of most organisations’ normal commercial activities, and they’re all available to our fixed-price package clients for a low, fixed annual fee.  Best of all, they’re written in plain English, so you and your staff can manage them yourselves without extra legal input.

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If it can be agreed, it can be drafted.  Sometimes the “here’s one I made earlier” contract just doesn’t cut it.  That’s where candid’s bespoke drafting service comes in.


Whether you need just one clause or a whole agreement, in our distinctive plain English style or tailored to fit seamlessly with the language of an existing document, we can turn your wishes into a contractually robust reality – helping to ensure that the deal you want is the deal you do.


There are times when you need a contract to be properly looked at, for peace of mind.  Too often, traditional lawyers will give you a piece of their mind instead – flagging every clause (or so it seems) as a risk that will bring down you, your organisation, and civilisation as we know it, until your head hurts.

The candid commercial approach puts you back in control.  You define your risk appetite, you decide on the aim of the review (knowing what’s in there, or just reassurance) and, for simple contracts, you can even access a low-cost, flat-fee service.  We then simply apply our combination of hands-on commercial experience and expert legal knowledge to give you what you want (and not more headaches).

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