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no first-time nerves

We recognise that using any consultant or adviser for the first time is a bit of a leap of faith.  To help make that more of a confident step for you, candid offers new clients a simple way of getting comfortable with the price of our support – you decide the price.

Once we’ve discussed and agreed with you what help you need, candid will tell you what the normal charge for that would be – but when the work is done, you decide what you think a fair price is.  If you think you should pay nothing, you pay nothing – no quibbles.  (We’re obviously pretty confident you won’t think that, by the way – but it’s entirely your call.)

To qualify, the work must:

  • Be for a client which has never used us before

  • Have a clearly-defined scope

  • Be a fairly modest piece of work (which most first assignments are anyway) – we’re not rigid on this, but as a rule of thumb, anything taking much more than 2 full days of our time is probably too big

  • Be “Freestyle” work – i.e. not one of the fixed-price packages

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